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About Jean’s Diary

I recently got a typed copy of a diary started by Jean Patterson in the final days of 1901. The diary spans about a year. I found it interesting reading, and I thought I’d post it here for posterity.

Jean was 13 years old and living in Gateswood, Alabama when the diary begins. During 1902, her family moved to Muscogee, Florida. The diary contains references to books, parlor entertainments and music. To the extent I am able to learn anything about these sources, I’ll be posting that information here as well. I have started posting chapters from “When Knighthood Was in Flower,” a book Jean finished reading on January 1, 1902. I will also post the little I’ve found on Gateswood and Muscogee. The former appears as a place name on Google Maps, but street view suggests that there isn’t much there any longer. And Wikipedia leads off its discussion of Muscogee by calling it a ghost town.

Jean was my great grandmother, by the way — my father’s paternal grandmother. She went on to marry Guyte P. McCord in 1912 (although it sounds from the diary like 13-year-old Jean may have been crushing on some guy named Sheldon). This is Jean in 1950, seated on the couch next to the Governor of Florida. That’s Guyte in the chair.

[Update: My dad tells me that Jean does not appear in the photo below, and I’m really in no position to argue.]

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