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All the People and All

As I write this, Google is busily going through my hard drives using face recognitions software to tag the hundreds of people in my thousands of photos. Despite the fact that I have no idea what I’ll do with this trove of metadata, I am somehow nonetheless certain that it will give me great power.

Unrelated: who are the background people in your dreams? I’ve always figured that the supporting cast members in my dreams are some combination of (a) random synapse firings triggering the models I keep handy for the people with whom I deal in real life and (b) manifestations of my own subconscious. But what about the extras? Can either of explanations work for the crowds in a dream mall, or the other passengers on a dream bus? Do I maintain “bus crowd” and “mall crowd” models to help me predict and cope with the behaviors of faceless masses? Cool.

Unrelated: check out this wicked cool picture of one of my favorite tunnels in Atlanta (there aren’t many, but I think this would be my favorite even if there were a lot of tunnels in Atlanta). A result of the recent heavy rains:


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