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Sg, I told you that we would be meeting my parents on Friday for dinner at a restaurant you’d never been to, called Olive Garden. You said “Olive Garden?” I affirmed. You said “Not Daisy Garden?” Me: “No, just Olive Garden”. You said “oh”, and leaned back and seemed to be thinking this through.


Sam and Claire (and parents Matt and Katie) visited for the long weekend.

The first song is “Mairzy Doats” (or part of it).

Sg, you have asked for this song nearly every time we have gotten in the car for roughly the last two months. “I want woo-hoo. I want the woo-hoo song please, Daddy.” When it’s over: “I want another woo-hoo song.”

Update: For bonus fun, reload the page, start the video, and then, when the video progress bar says “0:45”, start the Blur song. You may have to move your mouse over the playing video to see the progress bar.

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