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As If There Were Ever Any Doubt

Your first words when you woke up this morning were “what happened with the election?” Me: “Obama won. I was about to go see whether he won the popular vote, too.” You: “But he won enough elector votes from the e-lec-tor-al college?” Me: “He sure did, baby.”

I think you and I are going to get along just fine.

I haven’t spoken with you much about national politics or the presidential election, figuring that you’d have plenty of time later to tear your hair out over those issues. I certainly haven’t talked with you about Mitt Romney’s position regarding government spending on public broadcasting. But the election is almost all I’ve thought about for the past couple of days, and it slipped into our conversation when I was tucking you in last night.

You: What if I have a nightmare?
Me: If you do have a nightmare, it will probably be about Mitt Romney winning the election.
You, sitting back up in bed: What if he wins and he shuts down PBS Kids Online?
Me: Did somebody tell you he would do that?
You: Yeah, somebody at school.
Me: Don’t worry about it. He can’t shut it down, he can just stop the government from giving PBS Kids money. If that happens you and I can give some money to PBS Kids.
You: Oh, good.

How much you wanna bet we’ll be having the same conversation about Planned Parenthood in four, eight, or twelve years?

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