Baggy’s Secret

In the Disney Jungle Book movie, when Bagheera finds Mowgli as an infant, why doesn’t Bagheera wonder where his parents are? How does Bagheera, one of the film’s most rational characters, go from discovery, to wondering where he will find food for the child, to planning to place the kid as a foster child in a wolf pack without ever once wondering how Mowgli came to be stranded in the first place?

Because Bagheera ate Mowgli’s parents, that’s why.

We see Balloo satisfying his hunger during the “Bare Necessities” song, and King Louie eats as well. Kaa is presumably driven by hunger, and I think we all know what would become if Mowgli if Shere Kahn were to get his paws on the boy.

But Bagheera never eats, never mentions being hungry. Has he risen above his physical needs? Maybe. But consider this: while the panther is an opportunistic hunter, it will sometimes go days without hunting after gorging itself on a large meal.

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