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Bee Anthony and Women’s Rights

I started to use the women’s suffrage movement as an example of social change when you cut me off.

Me: “You know, not that long ago in a lot of the world, only men were allowed to vote in elections.”

You: “I know! But then Bee Anthony broke the law by voting. And they didn’t want to put her in jail because she was a lady and she might get hurt in there. But she wanted to go to jail to be treated just like a man. And they didn’t want to do that, so they decided to let everybody vote.”

Me: “Wow. Where did you learn all of that?” [Note that my next stop after posting this is Wikipedia to see if any of this is even remotely true.]

You: “The Powerpuff Girls. There was a lady bank robber and the Powerpuff Girls told her she still had to go to jail like Bee Anthony.”

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