Blog Upheaval

Previously, this site was run on software that was much more complex and powerful than was reasonable for the scope of the blog. I learned that software when managing community sites, and I enjoyed being able to make it do whatever I wanted. But the time has come when the flexibility afforded by that software and the benefit to me of being able to stumble through some PHP when necessary is outweighed by the time and energy necessary to make any changes. So I’m moving to a simpler platform. It’s a platform I’d considered and rejected a few times before. But over the past year I have been reducing my expectations to a scale that could be handled by WordPress, Blogger or tumbler.

I’ll be manually moving some of my old posts to the new platform over the coming weeks (trying to keep the permalinks the same, where possible). If you’re reading this, you probably already know that the URL to my RSS feed has changed to


  1. I approve. You did well avoiding blogger.

    • Lance

      I continue to be impressed by WordPress. I have played with test installs in the past and not been happy with the level of configuration available or the decisions made by the developers with respect to features that were not subject to configuration. But this version 3.3.2 has kept me happy. My only complaint is that the admin pages are excruciatingly slow to load. I haven’t spent any time trying to figure out why, and it’s always possible that the fault is mine.

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