Burgers, Basilisks and Boys

AT is at a concert tonight with her friends. After picking you up from pre-K today, I did not have any interest in doing anything remotely like work. So we went out for dinner. Conversation was unusual as usual.

Me: Oh, I meant to tell you about that animal you were talking about this morning.

You: [quizzical]

The animal that you dreamed attacked your gymnastics class?

Oh, that one.

It’s called a “basilisk.”

[eyes widening]
Is it real?

No, it is not real.

But how do you know its name?
Have you ever seen one?

No, but you said it was like the monster in Harry Potter.

Yeah. It was a really big snake, and it was poisonous.

According to legend, the basilisk is a large lizard or snake who can kill with a glance.

The basilisk in my dream could turn people into stone when it looked at them!

That’s why I’m pretty sure it was a basilisk.

But it’s not real?

Definitely not real.

But poison ivy? Is poison ivy real?

Poison ivy is real.

[Note that this is the only time poison ivy has come up in conversation in like, months. And it did not come up again after this tonight. We were sitting at a bar that looked out the restaurant windows to the street. Later….]

You: He looks good. Daddy, that guy looks good.

Me: Sorry, what?

That boy looks good to me. Oh! He’s coming in here! [You watch a guy walk through the door. He is in his mid-20s, in jeans, a gray long-sleeved shirt and a black down vest. He’s sufficiently well-groomed that I would hazard to guess that he is gay or from the northeast.]


Isn’t he handsome?