Cage and Aquarium

Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, Fr— Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.

I was just sorting some photos of our trips to the aquarium (last weekend) and the zoo (this weekend). Would you like to see a few? I’ve posted some of my favorites below, starting with the aquarium. See if you can tell when the pictures switch from the aquarium to the zoo — it might be harder that you think!


It is called “cuttlefish” because “spawn of Cthulhu” is hard to remember, and because of the remote risk of waking the Great Old One.

ray and grouper

Harold knew that Selena would leave him one day — he knew and he didn’t care.


Sg and AT at the Ocean Voyager exhibit. Between them and the ray is two feet of acrylic that is necessarily a part of any lens that you take to the aquarium.

whale shark

That one little fish is all like “if he bumps into me I’m really going to say something this time.”

another whale shark

The whale shark’s throat has the diameter of a quarter. I take comfort in knowing that if the whale shark ever decides to start eating people, it will be a long evolutionary period before that is even possible. Unfortunately, the same is true of the ability to walk on land and plasma-beam vision. Which means that the whale shark might develop all three at the same time.



panda eating bamboo

Do you like pandas? Would your feelings change if someone you love were made of bamboo?

jelly the elephant

This is Jelly the Elephant. Her trainers were bribing her with treats to run back and forth across her enclosure. The best time to be at the zoo is right when they open the doors in the morning (unless you like watching things sleep).

some cub

The lion cubs are not so small any longer. This one is headed down into the cave for a post-breakfast nap.

Violaceous Turacos

Violaceous turacos is really this garishly colored. Its bright plumage allows it to evade predators by hiding in the Froot Loop trees of the Brazilian rain forest. Unfortunately, thanks to human-caused deforestation, competition between the turacos and the toucan sam have devastated both species.


This is Allen, and if there were a favorite ape picnic, I would ask Allen to join me. I bet he would be totally cool with taking a thermos full of beer, too.


Mom sits outside the cave while the cubs nap.


Tennyson might have had the ground-hornbill in mind when he described nature as “red in tooth and wattle.”

Sg: “I wanna eat a mouse!”

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