Dinner Conversation

ME: So tomorrow we’re going to the cemetery with Grandad, Justin and Lucas.

Sg: And Mommy too?

ME: No, Mommy is going to be scrapbooking with Lucas’s mommy.

Sg: Oh. I go scrapbooking too?

ME: Nope. We’re going to Oakland cemetery with Grandad, Justin and Lucas.

Sg: Yeah.

ME: And we’ll take the camera and walk around. You’ll like it. There are lots of statues.

Sg: Lots of statues?

ME: Yep. And room to run around.

Sg: Oh. And then we get ROWDY?

ME: Um.

I had been a little worried that you would spring questions about death on me during our trip to the cemetery. But now, frankly, I’m more worried that you’re going to get a drunk & disorderly.

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