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Dreams of Space Iguanas

Last night I dreamed that I was a member of some sort of expedition. We landed in the tropics and found all of the locals lying dead in their huts. They were going through some weird kind of decomposition. We determined from the bodies’ positions that they had died after sitting, apparently voluntarily, in a certain type of chair that we found in a few huts. The chairs looked like simple, innocuous chairs (although they morphed into something upholstered in shiny orange pleather later in the dream).

During my investigation, I noticed that the bodies were not decomposing, but re-composing themselves into the slowly stirring shapes of creatures very similar to the Galapagos iguana. These were a bit bigger than the Galapagos iguana and very pale, with red and blue coloring at the extremities. When the transformations were complete, the iguanas shuffled out of the pile of clothes in which their human pupae had “died,” then they swam away through the air.

Needless to say, I was somewhat shocked by this development. I went to find the other members of my team, and found that they had all opted to sit in the chairs and become iguanas. I was all alone except for the jungle and a flock of flying iguanas making their serpentine ways to the horizon.

Except (and this is where the dream takes a turn) that Jim Halpert from the U.S. version of the Office appeared. He took one of the shiny orange iguananator chairs and placed it outside of a door through which he expected his antagonist Dwight Schrute to pass. The setup seems to be that: (a) Dwight believes that the chair will turn its occupant into an iguana, (b) Jim does not believe that the chair has this power, and (c) Jim is going to freak Dwight out by cavalierly sitting in the chair.

Of course, we know that the chair does turn people into space iguanas, so the whole thing makes no sense. I was about to explain this to Jim when three yetis burst into the room. One of them picked up something wooden (a small table?) and smashed it over Jim’s head. The second yeti picks up the shiny orange iguananator chair and the first two yetis exit. Somehow I know that the third yeti is a project director in charge of overseeing the iguana transformation project, and that Jim’s actions have set the project back. The project manager yeti makes a few notes, throws me a disgusted look, and follows his compatriots out the door.

That’s when AT woke me up, so I never found up whether the yetis were working alone or were part of a larger conspiracy of mythical creatures.

(Lead photo ‘borrowed’ from this site.)

UPDATE: The iguanas taking off looked an awful lot like this:

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  1. Mark McCord

    OK, so what do you really think of the local beer. And what does any of this have to do with house and school hunting in Switzerland?

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