Fernbank Trees Down

Sg, we were on our way to the drive through Starbucks on Briarcliff. (Drive through because we’d put you in pajamas after an afternoon bath, and I didn’t feel like changing you into “get out of the car” clothes.) When we stopped at the light to cross Ponce, the sunroof was open. Before we got more than 200 meters on the other side of that light, it was pouring so hard that we had to slow to about 10-15 miles per hour. The wind was gusting in a pretty scary way. (Like as in you could see walls of air moving like giant fists down the hill on our right, the rain in front of the wall moving a completely different direction than the rain behind.)

Then some trees fell down. If I may use the picture below (thanks to Google Maps) as a visual aid:

  1. This tree fell down. The Google Street View cameras are a little fish eye, and I think this tree is bigger than it looks in this picture. At least, it looked ginormous while it was falling toward the road and across the Fernbank Museum entrance. Everything is green now, too.
  2. One or more of these trees fell across the road. There was one car ahead of me, roughly where the car in this picture was. I wonder whether the driver soiled him/herself.
  3. When the tree(s) from #2 hit the power lines on the other side of the road, there was much flashing and sparking (which I would have guessed only happened for dramatic effect in movies).
  4. You were here. I couldn’t help noticing at the time that we were surrounded by big oak trees. We turned around and headed back home (where the power was out, but all of our oaks were still standing).

fernbank trees down

Update: The AJC has posted an article and a few pictures, including this one:

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