She Must Be Some Kind of Environmentalist

Hooters Waitress


Official state-sponsored Pre-K is out for the week, and we are taking the opportunity to let you drop in on your pals at your old daycare. Today, that meant driving past — and stopping at a red light in front of — the downtown Hooters on the way up Peachtree. The windows are covered with large full-color promotional clings featuring waitresses in standard Hooters wear.

You: “Why is she wearing that?”

Me, not quite yet grasping what you are talking about: “Wearing what?”

You: “Why is that girl wearing that shirt without a real shirt over it?”

Me: “Oh. I don’t really know. Maybe she… was doing sports. Before she came to work.”

You: “Yeah, maybe. Maybe she plays for the owl team.”

Me: “Yes, you’re probably right. Go owls.”

You: “Go owls!”

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