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When we first started talking about Halloween costumes, you said you wanted to be a werewolf. That sounded pretty cool and creative for a 5 year old obsessed with pink and ponies, so I encouraged it. Finding a suitable werewolf costume for a 5 year old girl turned out to be pretty difficult. I happened to notice an adorable goldfish costume on Gymboree while shopping for other clothes, so I went ahead and ordered it. I was convinced you would love it once you saw it! It arrived in the mail the week of Halloween and I had you try it on. You liked the outfit itself, but clearly expressed you did not want to be a goldfish for Halloween. I pointed out that you actually looked like a mermaid and you seemed to like that idea. Then a few days before Halloween, you informed me that you wanted to wear something different, because mermaids and goldfish are not scary, and Halloween should be scary. “What about a mermaid witch? That’s pretty scary!”

See. Parenting is easy!

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  1. What says Halloween like dressing like a piece of candy corn?!

    Fantastic photo.

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