Hits and Hits and Hits!

Sg, I stopped you from doing something you were working on in order to get you into pajamas. I mean like you weren’t listening and I wasn’t waiting and I reached out and physically arrested you. You didn’t like it, and you decided to get all terrible twos about it. I was sitting on the floor, so we were eye-to-eye, and you were scowling at me when you raised your hand to hit me.

You’ve been working on your fit pitching lately, and you threw something at one of the teachers at school the other day. When AT and I heard about that, we told you that the next time you threw something in anger or hit someone, we would take your brand new gender stereotype reinforcing kitchen playset away for a day. You really like that kitchen playset, and I think this got through to you. In fact, I think you were thinking about our threat this evening when you stopped with your hand in midair and your face softened.

I asked “were you thinking of hitting me?”

You lowered your hand slowly and started turning your head back and forth in a self-conscious pantomime of someone searching for something. With healthy pauses between the words, you said “No. I was thinking about where my panda is. Where is my panda?” It was hilarious, and I couldn’t not crack up. You seemed like you realized I was laughing at you, so I made sure to let you know that I knew you had, in fact, been thinking of hitting me, and that I was proud of you for remembering not to.

some old people dancing

Speaking of hits, I don’t listen to much new music these days because I don’t really have the time to not make snap judgments about new stuff. I often feel like I have to decide in the first few seconds whether the song I’m hearing is worth 3 minutes of my attention. So it was kind of cool when, on the way home from the office this evening, I was rewarded by six awesome songs in a row, five of which I’d never heard before. And all of them (even including the Dirty Projectors track I’d already heard) were things that I’m sure I would normally have skipped.

I made you a little mixtape — letterstosg.com/tapes/2009-06-26. I’m trying to embed it below, but you’ll probably just have to click the link because the embedding ain’t working for some reason. Here’s what I can tell you about the tracks:

  • I Knew, by Lightning Dust — I think it might be infectious. Like I might call the CDC.
  • Castle, by Uuvvwwz — have you ever met someone and you can’t immediately tell whether they seem weird because they are so awesome or because they are seriously mentally ill?
  • Chin Music, by Future of the Left — Future of the Left is tight like Carrie Nations, but with the harmony replaced by snarl. And synth.
  • Venice, by Anni Rossi — howls and yelps can make one have not entirely chaste thoughts.
  • Orange Shirt, by Discovery — sleep on the train to Tokyo; Google yourself when you get home.
  • Cannibal Resource, by the Dirty Projectors — I like the Dirty Projectors.

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