How to Listen to Your Music Without Learning to Hate It

For reasons that are potentially (but not actually) interesting, this is a real risk for me. The solution:

This flow chart describes a combination of playlists I’ve used to generate the main playlist I have listened to over the past few years.
The goals are to:
(a) keep fresh stuff rotating through;
(b) not listen to so much fresh stuff that I start to feel like I’m listening to someone else’s iPod;
(c) keep old favorites rotating through;
(d) not listen to old favorites so often that I get sick of them;
(e) listen to stuff that I like more often than stuff that I like less; and
(f) listen as little as possible to things I don’t like at all.
The idea came from this blog post, but I’ve made a few modifications.
If you were to waste a portion of your life reading the chart, you’d see that, at the moment, the balance is heavily in favor of new stuff. I think the last time I tweaked the parameters I was in a bit of a rut.
Dang. I just noticed I left off an arrow. I guess it is implied.
If clicking the flow chart above doesn’t send you to a bigger version, try here.
I understand I’m opening myself up to some potential embarrassment, but here are the contents of my “_radio” playlist right now:

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