I Love the Way Your Mind Works

I don’t understand it, but I love it. Three vignettes from a daddy-daughter day:

Me: Oh, hey, Amy Winehouse died this past week.

Sg: The “no no no” song lady? She died?

Me: That’s right. She had been sick for a long time, and recently died.

Sg: Oh no. [pauses] Did somebody write down her lines?

Me: Did somebody what? What do you mean?

Sg: Did somebody write down all of her notes before she died?

Me: I don’t know, but we have her recordings. So we can listen to the songs she already recorded.

Sg: We can still listen to her?

Me: Sure. [gives a three sentence overview of the pop music economy]

Sg: But I never got to go to her play, and now I can’t go to her play.

Me: You mean her concert?

Sg: Yes. I can never go to Amy Winehouse’s concert now.

Me: I probably wouldn’t let you go to an Amy Winehouse concern any time soon anyway.

Sg: Still, now I can never go.

Me: That’s true, and it is sad. But there are lots of concerts we can go to.

Sg: Yeah. At least it’s a good thing the people who sing “Under Pressure” are still alive.

Me: …Yeah, that is good. [changes the subject]

You made up a word this morning. You do that a lot, but I think this one may have legs:

flə-‘kä-kä – I’m not sure how you’d spell that. I just typed “flokaka”, but that looks horrible.

When I asked you what it meant, you said “horsefeathers”. It has stayed with me all day, but has morphed in my mind into whatever part of speech that one really bad “F” word is. As in “I understand you’re waiting for that parking place to open up, but do you have to do it right in the middle of the flakaka lane?”

Your favorite part of the temporary
“mythical creatures” exhibit.

At the natural history museum, there is a book on a pedestal in front of a mural of the Pleistocene era that tells you about the various animals depicted on the wall. You began to briskly flip pages and said in a mocking “voice of authority” tone: “65 million years ago, all the birds were dinosaurs.” This is notable for a couple of reasons:

  • When it comes to humor, you’ve so far been more a consumer than a producer. You’ve got friends (I’m thinking of Maddie in particular) who have been knocking them dead for a couple of years. But you have generally been satisfied with wacky. And I hope you don’t feel I’m being too harsh if I say that grownups generally are not amused by wacky for wacky’s sake. If I asked you to tell me a joke right now, I’d get something like “why is there a dinosaur with a suitcase on its head? That’s crazy!” Lately you’ve been adding irreverence to your repertoire, and I love it. I’m not sure who you were making fun of (probably me, now that I think about it), but it was some quality fun-making.
  • Nice work on nailing the general vicinity of birds’ splitting from the dino family tree. We hadn’t even gotten to the dinosaurs yet, and I don’t know the last time we discussed the Cretaceous period.

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