Ian and Sg – Fun with Photoshop

I got these really good pictures of Ian and Sg on Thanksgiving, where Sg is really fascinated by a mitten and Ian is trying to help her put it on. Here’s one:

Ian, Sophia and a Mitten

Here’s another, all creepy perfume commercial styles:

Ian, Sophia and a Mitten

Here’s the fun stuff: this is an accident, where I thought I was in aperture priority mode when I was really in shutter priority mode and I ended up with a like 10 second exposure.

Ian, Sophia and a Mitten

I kept it because I thought it looked like shoegazer album art:


And if you just hit “invert”, you get a Boards of Canada album cover. (Ain’t that always the way?) Voila.


They did finally get the mitten on.

Ian, Sophia and a Mitten

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