I’m lucky that’s the particular word she focused on.

The ice has taught Sophia a new word. Yesterday it took us 30 minutes to go two blocks. When we finally got up to the intersection that was the problem, the giant-ass Henry County SUV in front of me kept us sitting at the light for two more cycles because the driver was unwilling to move outside his or her lane even a little bit to get around backed-up traffic on the cross street.

Me, to the car in front of us: “Why won’t you just go around! What an idiot!”

Sg: “What an iddy-ant.”

Me: “Idiot. Not iddy-ant, but idiot.”

Sg: “Idiot?”

Me: “Yep.”

Sg, to the car in front of us: “Why do you have to be such an idiot!?”

Me: “That’s what I’m saying!”

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