It’s the Little Things

When I was in high school, Little Five Points in Atlanta equaled cool. Now I live just down the road, and, consequently, drive through on the occasional weekend night. The traffic light here gives you a left turn arrow (turning East onto McLendon from southbound Moreland) if you so much as breathe on the sensor before the crossing light turns yellow. A decision has been made (I like to think) that people turning into my neighborhood are more important than those headed North into Little Five or to Virginia Highlands. It’s like being guest-listed.

Moreover, the turn arrow turns green a little less than a second after the through-lights turn green. So if you’re on the border of triggering the arrow, there’s a half-second or so of doubt about whether you’ve made it—and the doubt is always resolved in your favor. It’s all as if to say “naw, I’m just kidding; go right ahead sir, and have a fine evening.”

It’s a small thing, but I will miss it when the City of Atlanta re-times the light (which will inevitably happen, whether it needs it or not).

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