Christmas Day, 1901

Jean Patterson’s Diary
December 25, 1901, Gateswood, Alabama
[ what’s this? ]

Wednesday – Xmas Day

The children got up long before daylight and came in our room for that was where Santa Claus came. They were highly delighted over their presents. Mother gave me a little brooch. Father a book – “Alice of Old Vincennes,” Bessie a fascinator, Miss Susan a doiley, Bertie a handkerchief, Sheldon Brinson a bottle of rose perfume, Mr. McCallum a game – “Lucky Seven,” and Massillon Harrison a lovely fan. We spent the day very quietly as there were no amusements. That night we had a parade. Miss Susan got a tin bucket and beat on it. I had a tamboreen, Bessie a drum, Susie Nell a horn, John H. a U. S. flag. We went first and after him came Lilla and Bertie with torches. Thus we went up the road, past Mrs. Fleming’s making all the noise that was possible. We came back by her house and all of them came back home with us. We played games until quite late and then went to bed. We had all had a very Merry Xmas.

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