New Years’ Day, 1902

Jean Patterson’s Diary
January 1, 1902, Gateswood, Alabama
[ what’s this? ]

Jan. 1, 1902 — Wednesday

The first day of the New Year dawned, sunshiny bright and beautiful. I had to go to school and stood an examination on History of the U.S. Bessie and I both got 100 on it. We stood it in the morning and in the afternoon had our regular lessons — Roman History, Civics and Spelling. After school we came home and I read and finished “When Knighthood Was in Flower.” I liked it very much. That morning when the train came I received two letters — one from Cousin Ella and the other from Miss Lilla. I also got a bottle of perfume from Sheldon Brinson as a New Year present. That night Bessie, Miss Susan and I sat up and watched the old year out and the new year in. We went to bed tho at exactly twelve.

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