July 12-15: Horse Cove, North Carolina

AT and I spent the first half of our week off doing little more than reading and, in AT’s case, knitting. Oh, and playing Rummy. It was the best. Here are a few pictures from our time in Horse Cove (outside of Highlands, North Carolina).

Horse Cove

Daisy (L) and Olive came with us. They spent most of their time off-leash, but getting them to sit still for a picture required a moderating influence.

Horse Cove

From the front yard, looking down the driveway. This yard is the cleared space at 10 o’clock from the lake in the map at the end of this post.

Tau Keet

There’s the house itself as seen from the road winding down to the creek.

Horse Cove

Here’s the “lake” in the middle of the cove. It mysteriously drained last summer. It appears that the contractor who refurbished the spillway 15 years ago laid a new pipe through the dam and, rather than filling the old one with concrete, he just covered both ends with dirt. Which, predictably, was insufficient. It was still a lake when the satellite image now showing in the map below was taken.

Someone is Patriotic

Someone really got their 4th on.

Horse Cove

There’s the road back up to Highlands. For a decade, Ian and I put several days a year into stacking creek rocks into a series of little dams in that stream. I always suspected we were not alone in this endeavor, and it looks like work continues apace. This picture was taken looking West-Southwest in the field near the bottom right of the map below.

Stargazing with the Lights On

There was too much moisture in the air for taking pictures of the night sky, and the only shot I ended up keeping was this one, where I accidentally moved enough to trigger the motion-sensing flood lights that I never did figure out how to turn off.

horse cove map

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