Marches Past

Below are a few pictures we’ve taken during the month of March in prior years. In 2008, we celebrated easter at a zoo and at a church. (In a sort of variation on Pascal’s wager, we were hedging our bets. Whether there turns out to be a God, or whether the Gorillas rise up and take over the world, we’ve put a little time in with each.)

a picture from easter
gorilla family
family at the zoo
Sg on the easter bunny lap

In 2007, I went around Atlanta with a friend taking pictures of music venues that he planned to use to decorate his office. Dunno whether he used the pictures or not. We had to give you hits from the inhaler because you had RSV and couldn’t sleep for all of the rattling and hacking. I remember us all being pretty sleepy during that period.

making a baby take an inhaler hit
sleepy mom

In 2006, we went to Disney, and Roger and Cathi got ready to get married. There was a big ugly bat at Disney. And sideways car. And a frying pan that suggested the possibilty of miracles just around the corner. AT and I were enjoying having a puppy. And a young Joe Piscopo taught us how to laugh.

guys at the rehearsal
disney sideways car
disney bat
electric palm trees
cooking up miracles
run daisy run

In 2005, I was nearing the end of the vale of tears known as 2L year, was re-discovering the fun of having a digital camera and had just discovered Flickr. So I drove around the area surrounding Mebane, North Carolina taking pictures of Random ShitTM (including Da Game Room & Lounge).

yes it is a refrigerator
Melville Candy Shop
da game room and lounge

It kind of seems like maybe we didn’t take any pictures in March 2004 or 2003, though I don’t see how that’s possible. In 2002 we took a trip out to East Prairie, Missouri and Millington, Tennessee to visit family. And that’s probably far enough back, right?

karen and laura
traveling over the Mississippi

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