Musical Alphabet: B (1993 Edition)

The albums containing these songs were released in July and August of 1993, while I was enjoying my last pre-college summer. Also that summer:

  • A magnitude 7.8 earthquake off Hokkaidō, Japan launched a devastating tsunami that killed 202 on the small island of Okushiri, Hokkaido;
  • UN inspection teams left Iraq (on the same day the Bjork album was released), then Iraq agreed to UNSCOM demands and the inspection teams returned;
  • White House deputy counsel Vince Foster was murdered in Virginia by Hillary Clinton and a gang of satanic pixies who forced Rush Limbaugh to watch the whole thing, thus turning him evil;
  • A federal judge sentenced LAPD officers Stacey Koon and Laurence Powell to 30 months in prison for beating the crap out of Rodney King;
  • NASA brings glory to the United States by losing radio contact with the Mars Observer orbiter 3 days before the spacecraft is scheduled to enter orbit around Mars; and
  • (On the same day the Breeders album came out) Russia completed removing its troops from Lithuania.

the Breeders — “Cannonball”

Björk — “Human Behavior”
“There is definitely, definitely, definitely no logic.”

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