Musical Alphabet: E (Enon and the Bunnymen feat. Cesária Ellington Edition)

So “E” is the first section of my library not dominated by a few big players, which means that I had to spend a few minutes digging a little deeper. I ended up not being able to decide, so here are songs that represent the four pillars of a 30-something yuppie’s music collection. The tracks themselves are from from Echo and the Bunnymen, Duke Ellington, Enon and Cesária Évora. Enjoy some or all of them!

Pillar: Nostalgia Pop
“Don’t call them oldies.”

Pillar: Erudition
“Don’t worry — I like it, so it’s not pretentious.”

Pillar: Indie Pop
“Yeah, you know, I’m down and stuff. With the scene.”

Pillar: Multiculturalism
“You don’t have to actually travel to sound like a world citizen.”

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