Musical Alphabet: F

I’m not sure if this is cheating. Because I’m not sure whether it makes any sense that “Ben Folds” gets filed under “F” and “Ben Folds Five” gets filed under “B”. Or maybe it doesn’t. This is a Flaming Lips song that Ben Folds re-worked for a compilation album called “Lounge-a-palooza“. I really enjoy it, even if the album version is a little lifeless.

The underlying Flaming Lips work was from a few years before my brother called me and said “the new Flaming Lips is out, and you’ve got to get it right now and lay down on the floor with headphones on and listen to it.” And that was a couple of years before my brother called me and happened to mention that the new Flaming Lips album was out and, eh, it kind of sounds like the last one. Then my brother stopped calling me. About the Flaming Lips, anyway.

And I guess “Flaming Lips” starts with “F”, from which fact I hope this post may borrow a sense of legitimacy.

For reference, here’s the original Flaming Lips version.

My Feist phase lasted about a year and is long since over, but this is still an awesome video.

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