Musical Alphabet: A


The idea here is to post 26 entries, one for each letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, containing songs by artists whose names begin with that letter. Its an idea I ran across here, and it seems like good clean fun.

I’m not going to knock myself out selecting the very best, or most favored, songs for any letter, but it’s kind of cool that for “A” I get to post this song, which always makes me think of you.

The Arcade Fire — “Wake Up”
“Children don’t grow up;
our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.”

Bonus: here’s a song that you’ve been requesting for months, and to which you like to try to sing along. I don’t think anyone has told you yet (I haven’t) that it’s dorky to fumble along with a song, only catching up with the actual lyrics on the last, and maybe first, words of a line. That’s mostly what you end up doing, as most of the song is long strings of syllabic singing. (No video because it is some fan-assembled cartoon that has nothing to do with the song.)

Au Revoir Simone — “Stars”

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