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Olive is So Dumb, Part 1

When I sit down by the front door, leashes in hand, Daisy will approach and stand in the same place every time, head erect to give me easy access to the ring on her collar to which I clip the leash.

Olive sometimes needs to be called several times. Other times, she is right there trying to shove Daisy out of the way, even though Daisy gets leashed first every single time.

Things get strange when I try to clip the leash to her collar. If I am quick and careful, I might be able to accomplish this with no fuss. Usually, however, Olive responds to my grabbing her tag (also attached to the leash ring) with the dog equivalent of “OMG HALP! WHY HE STRANGLE ME DEAD!” When this happens, she tries to do two things: (1) contort herself to make it harder for me to reach her neck; and (2) lick my hand (I guess in hopes that I will accept her supplication and let her live another day).

Here’s a tip, Olive: those are distinctly incompatible behaviors. You can’t do both well. When this happens, her entire body is engaged, her feet skittering as she shies and waggle-dances in the space between my feet. In an extreme case, she simply falls over.

Perhaps she’s really a possum?

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  1. Mark McCord, the Elder

    Olive is so stiff with arthritis that when she tries to wag her tail, her whole body wags. Sort of “Tail Wagging the Dog”.

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