2013 Catch-Up: March

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In March, AT made her first trip to her company’s offices in Montevideo, Uruguay, where it was warm and sunny. Back home, warm and sunny was only a faint hope for the future. We did Easter stuff at Matt and … Continue reading

2013 Catch-Up: February

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In February, there was a lot more snow. We learned that accessing basic Swiss banking features online requires aggressive multi-factor authentication (something you have plus something you know plus something else you have and another thing you know; seriously). We … Continue reading

2013 Catch-Up: January

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In January, AT went ahead to Switzerland while you and I lived it up in a deluxe apartment in the sky. I mean in Midtown. Because we already vacated our house. You lost a toof. Then AT came back and … Continue reading


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Seagulls may be highly evolved dinosaurs. Large version here.

Dirty Laundry

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Il mio bambina, it is most definitely not necessary to tell our row-mates on the plane that I sometimes, very occasionally, discard my socks in the living room and then forget to retrieve them. Kudos to you, however, for your … Continue reading

McCord Family History Update

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It’s been crazy-go-nuts since we moved to Zug in January, and we’ve had no time for blogging. Now a new wind is blowing—a wind that smells like blog. Switzerland is weird and wonderful, and I have much to share on … Continue reading

R.I.P. Grace the Cat

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Grace was one of the two finest cats to ever puke on a shoe. Many years ago, I dreamed that I died and was greeted in the afterlife by two guides in the form of Jack and Grace. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

Another Timelapse

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Here is what happens when cool rainy weather coming across the lake from Lucerne hits the Zugerberg. The photos for this timelapse were taken from our attic. One second of video time equals 1.2 minutes of real time. Rainy Hillside … Continue reading

Swiss Sights and Sounds

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So we moved to Switzerland and all. Things have been hectic, but are becoming less hectic for reasons irrelevant to this post. It’s time for blog CPR! Until the patient is fully recovered, let me limit this post to a … Continue reading

Arbitrary Retarded Rollercoaster

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I saw this image on Google+ today. You can click the little version to make it bigger.The point, of course, is that the system on the right is better because it makes more sense. The metric system’s features include Logical … Continue reading