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School Shopping

AT and I spent the day visiting schools in Zug and the surrounding towns. This activity was unexpectedly exhausting. The one we think is our favorite is called Institut Montana, but we collected a lot of materials and impressions today and we need to mull thing over a bit. The main image with this post is taken from the Institut Montana, which sits on a mountain above Zug. The picture below is a photo of the grounds. Both images are lifted from the IM website.


  1. Stunning! The shot with the horses reminds me of the kind of school Lisa Simpson always wants to go to, but never can.

    No doubt this has crossed your mind, but sending her there would be a great way to guarantee a “uphill in the snow to school” story for your great-grandkids.

    • Lance

      I must remember to include something in my memoirs that will inform my great-grandkids about the funicular that hauls the day-school kids up the mountain each morning.

  2. Mark McCord

    WOW! After attending school there for a few years, how will she ever transition back to public school back here in the ATL?

  3. Mark McCord

    Hogwarts In The Fields. It will be interesting to see which “House” the Sorting Hat will place Sophia.

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