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Sg’s Big Girl Room

When we last encountered your bed on this website, the girl-bed relationship was off to a rocky start. It’s not a topic we have revisited, but things have generally been fine.

Your bed is designed to be flipped-turned upside down (much like the life of a certain nobleman) so that the low bed with a canopy frame becomes a loft. AT and I have been wanting to flip it for a while, but we have been holding out for a certain comfort with your decision-making skills. We decided to go ahead anyway.

So we flipped the bed two nights ago. Yesterday, we went to Ikea and bought a bunch of other stuff to go in your room to give you more places to put away all of your junk. Some photos of your room refresh follow. Not pictured is your new desk, which we haven’t really figured out where to put. Maybe under your window? Also, we left the legs for the desk at Ikea.

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