Songs About California (And Being Happier Elsewhere)

You have been asking for these two songs in the car lately. One is about being unhappy in California; the other is about being happier elsewhere (“y dejaste tu pais por esto?“). It’s really more specific than that — both songs are really about L.A. Not that I think you get any of that. So far, Texas seems to be the only state you know of other than Georgia (thanks, Sandy Cheeks). For the second song, I thought you liked it for the picture of Neko Case on the album cover, but when the song played this morning I heard you in the back seat quietly repeating the word “tambourine” in varying tempos and inflections.

Here is a video for the first song, Van Nuys es Very Nice by Los Abandoned:

And here’s audio for the second, In California by Neko Case:

So there you go. Oh, unrelated: We were looking for things that start with the letter “S” earlier, and I laid out some crayons that are shaped like cartoon dinosaurs. I said “I dunno, maybe one of these starts with an ‘S’ or something.” You totally rose to the challenge by saying “Stegosaurus starts with an ‘S’.” and grabbing the Stego from the lineup. Even better, when it’s time at school tomorrow to show and tell your three objects that start with an “S”, the stegosaurus will be joined by a super-villain! I don’t know what kind of evil dealings a super-villain could get up to with a Strawberry Shortcake stamp and a stegosaurus, but it would be diabolical I’m sure.

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