Songs Not By They Might Be Giants

Unless otherwise indicated, links are to YouTube; “by” means “performed by”; and you really should visit the highlighted links.

Songs you consistently like:

Songs I figured you’d really like, but you don’t seem to:

Songs you like to sing:

  • Mairzy Doats (I don’t know that guy, which is why YouTube is awesome. I do know Leland, but it’s not like we’re friends or anything.)
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Title unknown (“[Name] came to school today / to school today / to school today / [Name] came to school today / and we’re so glad // Get up and dance, [Name] / Get up and dance, [Name] / Get up and dance, [Name] / Now sit back down!”)
  • Made up stuff [not YouTube]

When AT sees this list, she will say “I’m surprised you didn’t include [thing I left out]”, which I will then include so that AT will have to travel back in time if she wants to make the same complaint again, which I know she can’t do because I sold the flux capacitor and spent the money on magic beans.

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