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Spikes and Fangs


You have been claiming to be afraid of the dark lately. Sometimes it’s clearly a ploy to gain a few more minutes before bed, and other times it seems legit (usually when you’re upset about something in the real world). Your mother and I take a kind of no-nonsense line when it comes to fear of the dark. I might handle it differently if you hadn’t been sleeping alone in the dark like a champ for nearly five years. But until I am convinced that we have a real, ongoing problem, the door to my sympathies on this issue is firmly closed.

I have been happy to see you take matters into your own hands by establishing a perimeter against things that go bump in the night. In the picture below, you can see the troll spikes that you have been using for the past couple of weeks alongside a new addition — a plush vampire bat named Sammy. Other fierce animals can be found at the foot of the ladder to your bed. You asked me yesterday whether crabs (oddly, one of the very few real-world animals that scare you) could get into your room, and you were relieved to hear my probably-true reply that crabs can scuttle, but they can’t climb.

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