Sticking With the Sexism Theme

I was catching up on Mad Men a couple of weeks ago, and they played this really horrifying song over the end credits of an episode:

Lollipops and Roses
(Words and Music by Tony Velona, 1962)

Tell her you care, each time you speak,
Make it her birthday each day of the week,
Bring her nice things, sugar an’ spice things,
Roses an’ Lollipops,
An’ Lollipops and Roses…

One day she’ll smile, next day she’ll cry,
Minute to minute, you’ll never know why!
Coax her, pet her, better yet get her,
Roses an’ Lollipops,
An’ Lollipops and Roses…

We try acting grown up, but as a rule,
We’re all little children, fresh from school…

So, carry her books, that’s how it starts,
Fourteen to forty, they’re kids in their hearts…
Keep them handy, flowers an’ candy,
Roses an’ Lollipops,
An’ Lollipops and Roses…

Part of me wants to be shocked that you could have a hit song containing this kind of creepiness just 40 short years ago, but then I’m like “Oh, hi Creed. I didn’t see you there. Crouching by the foot of the bed, and all.”

You can hear the tune below the fold; I think it’s the same version that was used by Mad Men.

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