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Swiss Sights and Sounds

So we moved to Switzerland and all. Things have been hectic, but are becoming less hectic for reasons irrelevant to this post. It’s time for blog CPR! Until the patient is fully recovered, let me limit this post to a few sights and sounds.

  • First, birds and bells recorded from our yard. I’ll be re-recording this sometime with better protection against wind noise, but I wanted to share this recording of what the mornings sound like around here.
  • Second, a timelapse taken around midnight from our bedroom window. The lake is the Zugersee. It looks cooler if you view it large.

    Midnight on the Zugersee from aquariumdrinker on Vimeo.

  • Third and last, the creepy sound of our attic stairs coming down. Because I love it.

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  1. Yo Daddy

    Love this! Thanks for reviving this site. Love the sights and sounds.
    I sure do miss you guys.


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