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The Bruttenholm of the System

HellboyI’ve been reading Hellboy and B.P.R.D. comics, and I am finding them smart and a little funny (in contrast to the Hellboy movies, which were maybe a little bit funny and… that’s all). I recommend them if, like mine, your imagination is fired more by At the Mountains of Madness than by flying men and women in spandex.

I do find myself getting hung up on one key aspect of the Hellboy universe. Just one. I mean, I’m fine with the idea that Hellboy can kill the witch-goddess Hecate using a combination of sunlight, high explosives, and a spear through her demon heart. And I’m good with the concept that an evil Nazi commander, mistress to the vampire Vladimir Giurescu, was cryogenically frozen and revived in the 1990s. And I’m even OK that Hecate was reborn when the ghost of Rasputin talked the aforementioned Nazi doyenne into willingly submitting to death by iron maiden.

But I have a hard time accepting that “Bruttenholm” is pronounced like “broom.”

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