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This Machine Does Not Give Change… To You

We were buying Metro tickets this afternoon from an automated kiosk, and Arica had selected the English-language option in the touchscreen interface. As we were about to put our cash in, a message popped up saying “THIS MACHINE DOES NOT GIVE CHANGE.” So Arica hit “Cancel” while I dug around for some change. She started the buying process over again, and this time did not bother to select the English-language option. We got pretty close to having exact change, but we still expected to lose about 30 cents in the transaction. But then the machine did give us change. The only difference we could think of between the first go ’round and the second was that we conducted the second transaction in French.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening speculating and joking about what other aspects of our Paris experience might be different if we asked in French.


  1. Jason

    Nothing would be different. It could actually be worse because the French people would get pissed at you for speaking French poorly (yes, those same people who resent you for speaking English). You can’t win with Parisians.

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