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What’s the Big Contraption?

I got home about 15 minutes after you’d gone to bed this evening, but I had been hoping I would make it in time for a hug. Not to be D-Turd, I decided to wake you up to give you a hug anyway. As I headed to your room, AT decided that we were having a race. I took a shortcut through the louder of the two doors into your room while AT burst through the other door. You were just finishing up a snore, and your eyes popped open. Without missing a beat, you said “what’s the big contraption?”

When AT and I got done cracking up, I told you that “contraption” is another word for a machine. You said “then what word did I mean?” We told you that you probably meant “commotion.” You said, “oh, probably because I am trying to sleep.”

Well I’ll tell you what the big contraption is: the McCord family is moving to Switzerland! I’ll bet it’s basically just like Atlanta.

Why don’t I leave you with this video of you describing a very serious problem and ending with your Bill Murray in Caddy Shack smile.

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