In Which a Father and Daughter Dream in Parallel About Things That Probably Sound Much Cooler Than They Really Are

Me: See that car over there? The red one?

Sg: In front of us?

Me: Right. That’s a special kind of car called a Ferrari. They go really fast.

Sg: Well, I think you should buy me one of those cars.

Me: Sorry to break it to you, but if I ever have the money for a Ferrari, I’m going to buy one and keep it for myself.

Sg: Then can I ride in it with you?

Me: Sure. We’ll have to figure out how to get a car seat into a Ferrari.

Sg: Mama can have this car, and you can have the Ferrali, and I’ll ride with you!

Me: Sounds like a plan.

Sg: It might be nice to have a brother.

Me: Are you saying you would like to have a brother?

Sg: Of course I would like to have a brother.

Me: I have to tell you that that seems really unlikely.

Sg: But you and Mama can get me a brother.

Me: But we’re not going to. Besides, don’t the dogs already chase your friends around the house and chew on your toys?

Sg: Well, yes.

Me: So then what do you need a brother for.

Sg: You could just go to the brother store and get a brother.

Me: Do brothers come from a brother store?

Sg: Uh-huh.

Me: So where did you come from?

Sg: The… daughter store.

Me: Huh. Maybe.

Sg: You tell Mama, deal?

Me: Tell her what?

Sg: That I think we should get a brother.

Me: I’ll tell her, but, again: not going to happen. And you have to tell her about the plan to get a new car.

Sg: I’ll tell Mama that we need to get a Catardi.

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