You’re Weird

These things happened today.

We were at the grocery store, and I stopped to collect a package of small crackers popular amongst your cohort. There is a “pizza”-flavored version in a green bag. You said you liked the ones in the green bag, and that you wanted me to get the green bag. Pizza-flavored things (besides pizza) being disgusting, I did not want to buy the green bag.

Me: You don’t even know what the ones in the green bag taste like.
You: Yes I do!
Me: Ok, what do they taste like?
You: Fruit.
You: [Sensing that you had missed the mark] Duckies. Fishies.

Working on this icon, I had a screenshot from I Need To Read This blown way up in photoshop, with the script “This” (with a little heart dotting the “i”) displayed prominently on the screen. You were nearby and had been flipping through a magazine (“Cooking Light”), and paused to look up at the screen.

You: Is that a beautiful word?
Me: [after I repeated and you confirmed the question] Yes, I suppose it is.
You: [returning to your magazine] Oh.

Me: What do you want to eat for dinner?
You: Hm. Raccoon!

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